Inner sheathing made of stainless steel

Pumps made of stainless steel
Zones separated by width-adjustable curtains

Easy access to the tanks from outside the car wash

Drip zones between processes

Angle profiled spray pipes

Modular construction

Insulated housing, made of easily removable panels

Bars for the operator to enter the car wash

Pre-filtration of each process

The width of the inlet to the car wash is regulated by sliding doors

Plastic interchangeable nozzles with adjustable spray angle


Low liquid transfer

High washing accuracy
Closed-circuit washing


Intuitive 7"

Login for technologists and operators
Programming of cascade levels and scrubbing refresh

touch panel control Built-in car wash work calendar

Built-in calendar to monitor conductivity, pH of chemical treatments and washes

Modbus communication with other master controllers


Filtration of the chemical treatment with a flow filter

Stepless measurement of the amount of liquid in each tank
Pipelines equipped with pressure gauges

Automatic cascade between processes - controlled by pneumatic valves

Direct heating with burner or electric heaters

Fume hoods along the entire length of the rail

Additional sealing under the rail

Flows on the pumps are regulated manually with butterfly valves, optionally with inverter inverters