Washers Tanks Baths Ultrasonic for washing , phosphating , chromating , degreasing , taking of the paints

Model Worksize dimensions External dimensions Heating power Ultrasonic frequency Ultrasonic power



WU-24 W800 H500 D600 W960 H1300 D760 6kW 20,5kHz 2400W 240L
WU-30 W1000 H500 D600 W1160 H1300 D760 6kW 20,5kHz 4800W 300L
WU-48 W800 H500 D1200 W960 H1300 D1360 6kW 20,5kHz 7200W 480L
WU-240 W800 H1000 D3000 W1000 H1300 D3160 18kW 20,5kHz 28800W 2400L




In ROMER Ultrasonic Cleaners, stainless steel is used, which provides protection against acids. The bathtubs have an additional insulating wall, thanks to which they do not lose temperature and heat up faster. Good quality materials ensure a long service life of the vibrating elements.
Heating system
Heaters used in ROMER bathtubs are made of the highest quality materials, they are made of ceramic elements resistant to high temperatures. The heating system used ensures excellent thermal efficiency, hot water automatically mixes with cold water, heating the entire bathtub.
Ultrasonic transducers
Ultrasonic elements used in ROMER washers are mounted in immersion modules, which better reflect vibrations and are replaceable. The ultrasonic range is 20-40kHz, depending on the element being washed, lower frequencies are used for large, heavy-duty elements, lower frequencies for jewelry, sensitive mechanical systems, etc. All transducers are connected with high temperature resistant cables.