What is considered a high option on the market is our standard option

The new central control unit ProfiControl is, above all, the possibility of even better control of all devices. The fact that we are the manufacturer of most components and devices that make up the socket is not insignificant here, we have an impact on every element from the very beginning when it is designed, to the commissioning stage. This enables us to integrate all systems very deeply, which is unattainable for some.

What does it mean? I will cite one comparison

As a rule, the conveyor, furnace, surface preparation zone is supplied by other companies and is not produced by companies that manufacture paint sockets. Because of this control is definitely limited, the socket does not have information about what is happening along the entire line, therefore painting in this case is a secondary element.

ProfiControl controls the conveyor, among other things - thanks to this the system in the "adaptive work" mode can accurately dynamically adjust the parameters of the applied paint / manipulator speed to the situation on the line, from the cab level it is possible to set the conveyor direction, slow down or accelerate the entire line, which obviously affects other devices, which is why this system is consistent, may then change the parameters in other devices.

The intuitive user interface allows you to view and manage all elements from one place, i.e. the state of the powder center, dust collector or each application separately.

The system also allows you to create your own programs, including the recognition of details that communicate with other devices through the network.

The system through the Modbus protocol enables integration with other computer systems for factory management or other logic controllers.

ProfiControl is

- Centralized application control of all parameters of the system components

- Visualization of the painting process and reading from measurement gates / scanners

- Advanced diagnostic systems analyzing the correctness of the process

- 10 ″ touch and scratch-resistant display

- Support for measuring dimensions of the details

- Support for 3D scanners to measure the contour of details

- Integrated line management, performance data and wear monitoring of consumables

- Storage of individual data on the integrated SD card

- Online support via a secure web interface ensures an even higher standard of customer service